steve shives makes me ashamed to have a penis

November 4, 2015 § 1 Comment

I’m not a violent person, but I have to admit, if this fucking simpering, self-deluding, mangina said this shit to my face, I can’t be sure if I wouldn’t throttle him, consequences be damned.  Look at this fucking goof hiding his bald spot beneath his hat while apologizing for his existence in the mancave to which his obese, henpecking wife relegated him.  Jesus fucking christ, what a trainwreck. This must be what they mean by being “triggered.”

I said:

Hey, Steve, can you please explain how it is that the “privileged” gender is 3 times as likely to be homeless, 4 times as likely to die by violence while you fret about women’s safety, 3 times as likely to commit suicide, experiences 90% of workplace injuries and deaths, and suffer a sentencing disparity between the genders that is six times the one that exists between the races?

Read it again, Steve. The sentencing disparity between men and women is 6 times the one that exists between the races, while men are 4 times as likely to be assaulted or die by violence as women. So, your assumption that embittered redditor manbabies are being “overly sensitive” about being demonized and accused of violence and predation in order to protect western women who are the literally the single safest demographic of human beings on the face of the planet is really kind of irrational, now isn’t it.

In fact, it’s a bit like telling black men, who are demonized most of all, that they’re being “overly sensitive” if they should take exception when a racist shop clerk follows them around a store because they believe they’re going to steal something or when they get pulled over and potentially shot for the crime of being seen driving in the wrong neighborhood.  It’s called “bigotry,” genius.  What makes bigotry possible is a dehumanizing threat narrative. See how that works? Would you like to bust out your intersectional matrix of oppression chart and show me precisely what the fucking difference is?

You know the funny part? You don’t have a response.  You won’t respond to this comment because you can’t. And you and I both know it.

And are you really so clueless that you can’t see that accusing men of “misogyny” and being “bitter” about the above mentioned issues is no different than conservatives who accuse female feminists of being “bitter” and unable to attract a man?

The cognitive dissonance must be unreal. You people are the left’s version of social and religious conservatives. You’re an embarrassment and you’re dragging the left over a cliff. Please go away. Thanks.

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