the “social justice community”

November 1, 2015 § Leave a comment

I wrote the following in the comments section:

Listen man, I come from the Marxist activist left – the one that exists in the real world outside of the internet – and I jumped ship years ago because of the identity politics cultism, “safe space” inquisitions, and bullshit. And it’s not like my politics have changed.

You can dismissively brand me a “brocialist” who considers identity politics “divisive.” I’ll happily accept the label.

There is no possibility of a social justice “community” on youtube or anywhere else because in every single case what is going to happen is that attention seeking women who see rape culture and microaggressions around every corner are going to damsel themselves, probably the way JJ did (I don’t know the details) and set everybody against one another.

It’s really a shame to see identity politics lunacy drag anticapitalism and the radical left over a cliff, especially when the case can be made that it’s fundamentally antithetical to Marxism. Marx was a historical materialist, not an idealist. He would never have argued that white supremacy or sexism was the cause of this or that historical or political outcome, as if the motive force of historical change is mean people who believe evil things. He would have instead looked at the underlying material conditions which produced the belief system precisely because he recognized that the bad guys always believe they are the good guys. As Socrates said “nobody knowingly does wrong.”

Since so many members of the identity politics left think this way, this actually puts them on the same side as religious conservatives and other bigots in their thinking about political economy. They don’t view people as products of systems, but as evil interlopers, morally inferior villains, and so on. In short, they turn their enemies into “the other” just as surely as religious conservatives and other bigots do.

The right, of course, is only all too happy to conflate their teenager mean-girls persecution politics with what are legitimate and important criticisms of capitalism. Everybody loses. I wouldn’t bother trying to rehabilitate the social justice community on youtube. It’s a lost cause. If it’s dead, it should stay dead. Good riddance.

In the comments section on Sargon’s channel, I wrote:

This is always going to happen within the “social justice community” because of the toxic nature of their politics. It’s based on purity tests, persecution, demonization of others, and purges, not on solidarity, empathy, understanding, or even concern for the truth. It’s not even about politics, but about little teenager cliques and belonging to a social group.

This is true for the social justice community outside of the internet. I was an IWW organizer for years, and there was no shortage of “harassment” allegations throughout the ranks, no shortage of drama queens and attention whores who appear on the scene and set guys against one another. It’s a pretty clear pattern of behavior, one that women generally have a lot of responsibility for, but of course men are never going allow themselves to consider that possibility because they’re all too busy trying to out white knight one another and throw each other under the bus.

The white knighting and lack of critical engagement with women’s ideas or their behavior is actually a mark of their ideological commitment. It’s about “listening and believing,” not justice.

It’s embarrassing how they can’t see the arrested, 8th grade mean-girl sociology at work because they’re so insecure and desperate to be acceptable to women. I think it’s pretty obvious that a girl who is insecure, wants attention, and spends 24/7 thinking about rape and microaggressions is probably going to be more inclined to misinterpret and mischaracterize her interactions with men. She’s going to see microaggressions and rape culture where it doesn’t exist, and this is always going to be a wedge which sets men against one another. There’s really no possibility of a “social justice community” here or anywhere else for this very reason.

This isn’t the first SJW community implosion on youtube, nor will it be the last.

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