women and agency

October 18, 2015 § Leave a comment

Consider what an incredible taboo it is to break with feminist orthodoxy on virtually anything.  The moment you might try this or even appear like you might try it, you are instantly judged.  Even the suspicion that you might not stamp your feet at the patriarchy and ride in to sacrifice yourself in order to save the trembling womenfolk from the big bad menz is enough to earn you moral condemnation and social exclusion.

That is, after all, what women do, isn’t it?  They exclude.

Men are three times as likely to be homeless, but unemployed and homeless men are of little use to women, so women don’t notice them.  If women don’t notice, neither do we.  Men, being the socially weaker sex, defer to women whose attention and approval they so desperately want.

Women will shun you, but men will coerce you. They will project their insecurities and fears of being excluded by women on to you and make you the laughing stock, at best, the enemy and menacer of women and children who must be destroyed, at worst.  By destroying you, they destroy that part of themselves they’re most afraid of.  By attacking you, they prove not only to others that they are not the one who deserves to be excluded, but to themselves as well.  When they attack you, they’re attacking their inner unemployed, neckbearded, bitchtitted, and embittered nice guy social pariah who just can’t seem to “get laid.”

The very fact that it is so difficult to question feminist orthodoxy or to even suggest that women might be responsible for some aspect of our culture or historical trajectory which would be deemed anything less than valuable, progressive, civilized, and moral, should tell us something.  At the very least, it should tell us that since there is no possibility of having this debate or pursuing such lines of inquiry without being condemned and shamed, nobody is ever having this debate or pursuing these lines of inquiry.  Not ever, not in any instance.  This is a debate we have never had and never will have.  Those intellectual doors are forever closed and have been since the beginning.  Nobody has ever been allowed to open them and see what’s on the other side.

Whatever political economy gender produces, you can be certain that we don’t understand it because nobody has ever been allowed to study it.


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