October 17, 2015 § Leave a comment

Gee Trieste said:

“What does any of that have to do with libertarians?  Libertarianism transcends all that interpersonal politics crap.  The two could even going on in parallel, without libertarianism being sullied.  I don’t get your antipathy.”

I responded:

Libertarianism does not transcend all that interpersonal politics crap, it’s just another competing form of it.

Most libertarians became libertarians because they imagine other social groups who they disapprove of – and who they imagine they are better than – are benefiting from social programs that libertarians pay for with their precious, sacred tax dollars.  The “makers” threaten to go Gault on the “takers,” yeah?

It’s just the resentment-based identity politics of a bunch of poorly-educated rubes who replaced “God” with “the market” and “Satan” with “the government” in their little civic theology.  Why do we believe that identity or its politics are confined to race and gender?  Libertarians prove that they are not.

I consider myself a cultural libertarian because the label seems to fit, but I am not an economic libertarian. Economic libertarians take everything that was wrong about right wing economic thinking, pump it full of steroids and force it to hit a crack pipe.

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