minimum wage

October 15, 2015 § Leave a comment

Tie the minimum wage to the consumer price index so that its value isn’t being eaten by inflation every decade.  If the problem is the “job creators,” or “small businesses” who ostensibly can’t afford to pay people enough to support themselves, then this is where you should aim public services, given that small businesses will typically be better able to advocate for themselves and successfully navigate the system than the politically isolated and working poor.

“Freedom” is not the ability to pay people less than what is required to live on while sticking the public with the bill for whatever social services they will require to make up the difference so that we can go on maintaining the facade of a civil society.  If you can’t pay enough for a single person to support themselves, you don’t get to be in business. We already fought one war against slavery in this country, sorry.  Get fucked.

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