douglas murray III

October 15, 2015 § Leave a comment

I seriously have to wonder how it is that somebody making such moronic and specious arguments gets the platform that Mr. Murray does.  He’s basically just an entertainer who says what stupid people want to hear with an erudite sounding British accent while forcing contrived “hitchslap” moments wherever he can in order to win the applause of the peanut gallery.

If you read and translate the comments underneath any of his videos, they are really only some variation of the following:

“See?  I’m no dummy, this here acamademic has book lernin and he agrees that mooslims are savages!  I’m no slackjawed racist hick.  I’m just like those intelligiment people in kollege!”

All of the sudden, the salt-of-the-earth hard working, flag waving, and intellectually insecure jackasses who whine and moan about “worthless degrees” in “Ukranian underwater basketweaving” love journalists and academics.  All of the sudden they drop that massive chip on their shoulder and extend to the pretentious and effete know-it-all their respect and admiration because he is saying what they want to hear and giving them the excuse to believe what it is that they want to believe.

Funny how that works.

Seriously, that’s the script.  Y’know, this guy is brave and courageous.  He’s bucking the status-quo and flipping the bird to the egg-headed PC academic establishment, hipsters, and America haters by Telling It Like It is ™

We’re all supposed to be grateful that somebody is finally giving us the green light to indulge in our monkey nationalism and tribalism.  “Finally!” we’re supposed to exclaim, “somebody who vomits up my own stupidity, hatred, and petty grievances in a public forum and thereby legitimizes them, because I sure was tired of feeling like a pariah or like I should be embarrassed for being a fucking racist, xenophobic dipshit!”

Hitchens was dumb enough, but this guy is like the shitty direct-to-video sequel.

Look, I can’t stand political correctness and I do understand how calling somebody a racist is often an attempt to demonize your opponent and shut down debate.  But what if I’ve already won the debate and the guy really is a racist? Then can I call him one?  I think I can.

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