gynocentrism and capitalism

October 11, 2015 § Leave a comment

What is the relationship between gynocentrism and the development of capitalism?

It’s seems pretty obvious that capitalism asks for self-sacrificing workhorses to die in mines and in wars for profit just as surely as women demand them, doesn’t it?  It looks to me as if a ruling class compels men to engage with their institutions, do their bidding, and create surplus economic value through their labor by dangling women’s approval as the ultimate social carrot, the one whose pursuit both structures the entirety of men’s lives and sets us against one another in social, economic, political, and sexual competition.

Oh that’s right, nobody cares.  The feminist left certainly won’t be asking this question for all the obvious reasons.  And as it turns out, the tradcon and libertarian right in the manosphere certainly won’t be either.  Y’know, because capitalism = freedom, I guess, so we can’t ask these questions because “cultural Marxists” and “progressives” want to “punish success” and steal your precious, hard earned tax dollars.

Well then, I guess we can close the door on that line of inquiry, since nobody seems particularly interested in where it might lead.

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