female sociopathy

October 10, 2015 § Leave a comment


The following comment was removed from the above linked Feminist Current article:

I said:

The average guy gets rejected more in a single year than most women will their entire lives. Maybe that’s why they’re angry, yeah? If that’s the case, then it really isn’t true that men have power and privilege and are “used to getting what they want.” It’s quite the opposite. Isn’t that obvious?

“Many keep mental lists of their expectations, detailing the characteristics of their hoped-for partner with alarming specificity and then evaluating how a new romantic interest does or doesn’t match that type.”

What this means is that women don’t relate to real human beings, but to idealizations which exist nowhere but in their heads. Real life, flesh and blood men are props in the woman’s internal fantasy, and she is only happy to the extent that the real guy appears to match her idealization. Women don’t see the real person they are with, they aren’t even curious about him, so he may as well not even exist.

You know, I once read an interview with the serial killer Ted Bundy in which he explained that when he picked up his hitchhiker victims, it always spoiled the fantasy if she told him what her name was. Think about that. Ted Bundy was relating to an idealization, or a symbol, within his own psychology, not to a real person, so when she told him her name, it became more difficult to treat her as a prop.

That’s classic sociopathy.

Because the real person was just a prop in his internal psycho-sexual drama, she could be used as an object and discarded when she ceased to be useful.  When women, who initiate 70% of divorces, accuse men of “objectifying” them or not recognizing that they are “human beings,” is it possible that this is just projection? I think so.

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