feminist bigotry

October 8, 2015 § Leave a comment

Layla Bell said:

“Men commit 90% of violent crimes worldwide.  Men are the ones, by and large, who start wars.  If a man is raped, it will be by another man with very few exceptions.  And yet, women are to blame.  Why? Because, essentially we won’t sleep with them.  Their sense of entitlement is mind boggling.

If men are unhappy or failed at life in anyway, women are to blame.  It’s very similar to the KKK.  Which attracts disaffected white people (again, mostly men) who have failed at life, and blacks or Jews are to blame.”

I replied:

Actually, what the KKK tells blacks or the poor is that if they are unhappy and  have “failed at life,” then they have nobody to blame but themselves. They blubber about “personal responsibility,” and when they see poverty and inequity elsewhere in the world, they assume it’s due to “poor life choices” or “culture.” In short, you reason about men the way the Klan and conservatives reason about minorities and the poor.

See, racists and conservatives don’t recognize the influence of systems on individual’s lives. That’s why everything is a matter of “personal responsibility.” So if you’re black and living in a heavily policed, deindustrialized ghetto where the only real industry is the drug trade and families have been destroyed, the racist will deny any systemic origin for your decision to engage in criminality, should you make such a decision, and instead will chalk it all up to “poor life choices.”  It becomes proof of the inferiority of “black culture.” That is why racists are often “values voters,” because they believe values, beliefs, or conscious, deliberate moral decisions are what determine things like crime rates in neighborhoods or the health of a given society.  They do not ask what context or real world experience would lead people to adopt particular cultural values or beliefs or on average make particular kinds of choices which they disapprove of, and I suppose that’s a bit like how you will never consider the context in which men make decisions about their lives or adopt their identities.  You certainly will never consider the role women play in that process, in creating that context. Women are half of the culture, surely they must play *some* role, and yet you’re not even curious. I’m willing to bet it never even occurred to you to ask that question, not once in your life.

It is this denial of any systemic context which might produce specific social outcomes that the racist invokes to justify his racism because it makes moral condemnation possible.  The group in question fares as badly as it does, he reasons, because they are inferior in whichever way.   This is how the group in question becomes “the Other.” Systemic explanations are disregarded, if they are ever considered, and he confuses them with “personal failings” as if all of political, social, and economic reality can be reduced to a dopey morality play on a fucking Dr. Phil show, because otherwise he might have to recognize his common humanity with those he’s accusing of inferiority.

You see, a systemic explanation which could shed light on why people would statistically be more likely to make choices we disapprove of would force him to recognize blacks as human beings. It would mean that he’d have to recognize that if he or people like him were in similar circumstances, they too might end up committing crimes or whatever the hell it is he’s accusing blacks of.  It would mean that he’d have to consider *his own responsibility* for a given outcome, or the responsibility that he might have to others as a member of a civil society.  That’s the importance of denying systemic explanations for outcomes and instead defaulting to blaming people for “poor life choices.” It’s actually what makes his presumption of his own moral superiority and thus his racism possible. Do you get how this works yet, person who assumes you are morally superior by virtue of the fact that you have a vagina?

We could go a lot further with this.  The “personal responsibility” set who will be quick to tell you that you “failed at life” is also pretty quick to demonize those people they accuse of failure because it’s not as if they are interested in why people make particular choices.  That’s a surefire way to avoid introspection or criticism. It also justifies attacking or criminalizing the minority group’s existence if we can convince everyone and ourselves that they are monsters with an inferior “black culture.” Kinda like “rape culture” yeah? They might say “blacks are criminals and they’re dangerous,” kind of like how you assume men are violent raping monsters. Following along?

Anything else, you bigoted stooge? You are literally a bigot. Everything you’ve said here and your stated reasons for saying it is psychologically identical to racism. You should be ashamed of yourself and if the left ever gets its head out of its ass, you people will be condemned.  Get fucked.

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