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October 1, 2015 § 1 Comment

That’s pretty Machiavellian for a 14 year old. Y’know, it really could be the case that he’s just some stupid kid who thought it would be cool to make it seem like he’d engineered a clock and mainstream democrats jumped on a viral story because it gave them a good opportunity to make fun of the right’s racism. Is this not the simplest of competing theories here? That’s what it looks like to me, but whatever.

Look, I get it. Who the hell disassembles a clock and puts it in a briefcase and takes it to school to show their teachers? But on the other hand, try to imagine being a 14 year old engineering and science nerd. It’s not like teenagers are known for making rational decisions or for doing things that make perfect sense all of the time. What if people see a threat in this incident for the same reason that a misandric woman assumes that an old guy taking pictures in a park must be a pedophile taking pictures of children to jerk off to later? What if it’s the same reason that a feminist assumes that your manspreading is a conscious and deliberate attempt to dominate physical space because patriarchy and rape culture?

I’m not sure anymore if “sexism” is even a coherent concept or a real phenomenon, but racism certainly is. I get that some of you are tired of being called racist, but that comes with the territory of being racist. I don’t know what to tell you.

Downthread, John Smith said in response to the video:

“I hope for the day when we can discuss reality openly and honestly without being immediately discounted as bigots.

Let’s be honest. Islam is NOT like other religions. Muslims are NOT like other religious folks. Islam is dangerous; it is antithetical to a just and free world. Calling people like me racist or “Islamaphobic” is an ad hominem attack. Fine. People like me, we’re all “racist.” Whatever. The truth remains that Islam is dangerous and antithetical to a just and free world. My personal moral shortcomings have no bearing on the truth. Voicing the truth doesn’t somehow magically create that truth the moment I speak it.

Responding to a threat is not the same thing as being a threat. Muslims are a threat. Muslims do strap bombs to themselves and others. The cops in Israel would have brought in a sniper to handle this kid, and that would have been a reasonable response.

This kid is a threat. This kid has committed the only real crime there is: he has actively worked to create strife and destroy trust. Without trust, society dies. This kid IS a terrorist. This kid has just guaranteed the future death of school children somewhere in the US. Some day, some little brown skinned Muslim shit is going to walk into school with a bomb. Those teachers will be too scared to do the right thing and in their hesitation and fear, a bunch of innocent children will be murdered.

The evil of liberalism/progressivism is that it has convinced people that their own rational prejudices and instincts are sins. We all know who the threats are. We all know who the trouble makers are. We have all trained ourselves to deny our intuitions and lived experiences though. All to assuage the accusations of nitwits Hell bent on destroying society. Nitwits who think that they can create a society where being a nitwit will put them on top of the pile. SJW’s are not altruistic. They’re losers who cannot compete and who think that a reworking of the social order might favor them. Their support of Islam is actually an attack of the prevailing social order. Should Islam ever rule, the SJW’s would be the first to suffer, so I guess Islam is not totally evil.”

I responded:

“Your premise is flawed. You need only look at the history of Christianity, even in the present, to see that it has very often been a justification for violence and tyranny. Liberation theology in Latin America in the 20th century was a justification for violent resistance. On the other side of the ideological spectrum, Christianity was invoked as a justification for violent attacks on African Americans in the South prior to and during the civil rights movement (it’s still invoked actually).

What all this suggests is that if you wanted to understand what a religion was about, you would do better to look at the real world context in which people interpret a religious doctrine rather than looking at the doctrine itself. People in foreign backed dictatorships interpret their religion as a justification for resistance, go figure.

None of this is particularly hard to understand. People look to theology to explain their circumstances and experiences. African Americans in poverty saw something very different in Christianity than white protestant upper class evangelicals. So the interpretation that results is going to be predicated upon those experiences more than it is going to be predicated upon some careful, legalistic reading of a holy book filled with incomprehensible ancient allegories and parables.

It’s not rocket science, but you’ll go on ignoring this view for the same reason feminists ignore the statistical reality which proves that men are not privileged – it just simply doesn’t affirm your grievances.  It’s not the answer you wanted to find, so it will be disregarded and the person arguing with you will be accused of ulterior motives, “cultural marxism,” blah blah etc., and all of this for the same reason that a feminist will stop listening, brand you an MRA and a misogynist, and delete your comment or block your account.

‘The evil of liberalism/progressivism is that it has convinced people that their own rational prejudices and instincts are sins.’

You have yet to establish their rationality, sorry. I also should point out that it’s interesting that a male anti feminist who should know what it means to be on the wrong side of a demonizing threat narrative can’t recognize such a threat narrative when it is aimed at some other group he isn’t a part of. Why couldn’t a feminist simply point to male perpetrated violent crime statistics and say ‘the evil of the MRM is that it has convinced people that their own rational prejudices and instincts are sins?’

‘Let you and him fight’ as ever, I guess.'”

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