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Patriarchy did it… somehow… right?

If she did it for sympathy, it’s Munchausen, something that women are primarily guilty of. What does it mean that so many women will kill children (or manipulate their boyfriends and friendzoned orbiters into committing suicide) just to get attention?  Do we think we could find non-lethal and non-criminal or latent forms of munchausen throughout the culture?  And how often do women intentionally drive men to suicide?  If it were common, would we even know?

If it’s true that men don’t have emotional intimacy with anyone other than women in their lives, that would make women uniquely capable of committing such a crime, wouldn’t it?  What about the deference that so many insecure young men pay to women, the tendency of women to despise weak and emotionally needy men, the importance such young men place on women’s opinions of them, their sensitivity to women’s judgement of them in a culture where women still impose an archaic 19th century role on to men in courtship, a culture in which men’s adolescent self concept is shaped most powerfully by what they perceive women’s expectations of them are?  What role could widespread, post-sexual revolution blue pill white knight social programming, relative male social weakness, and existential supplicating and pandering to the golden vagina play in disarming young men who happen to seek manipulative, sociopathic, and abusive women’s approval?

Carter (to victim):  “You always say you’re going to do it, but you never do it.  I just want to make sure tonight is the real thing.”

Talk about the “burden of performance!” How deep does this particular gender theory rabbit hole go, one wonders.

Oh wait, as it turns out, nobody wonders.  Nobody gives a flying fuck.

The “gender studies” scholars and theorists in the tax payer funded ivory towers don’t seem particularly interested. And something tells me Amanda Marcotte, Jessica Valenti, and the rest of the blubbering herd of tabloid feminist journalists won’t be ramping up the smug, hipster feminist girl snark and faux white women’s moral hysteria like they did the Duke Lacrosse, and UVA rape hoaxes.  How “fabulous” does Sharon Osborne think this young man’s suicide is?  I guess we’ll never know.

If women will do sociopathic shit like this for attention and sympathy, do you think that maybe they might make false rape allegations for the same reason? Is that why Jackie made up her story in Rolling Stone? Oh, we can’t ask those questions cuz misogyny, embittered man babies, 2% false allegations, and second- rape theory.  Listen and believe, right?

So if men do horrible shit, it’s “the patriarchy” and “rape culture,” and we all need sensitivity training, the guiding hand of feminist moral superiority, and a renewed jihad on masculinity.  But when women do horrible shit – even when it is a type of behavior that is a common form of female pathology or crime – it’s just one bad apple, so there’s no need to think about any wider cultural context which produces the behavior – unless we can pin it on “the patriarchy,” of course.

Carter (texting to a friend after Roy’s suicide): “Like, honestly I could have stopped it.  I was the one on the phone with him and he got out of the car because [the carbon monoxide] was working and he got scared.  I fucken told him to get back in.”

So if we deconstruct masculinity, it’s “social justice” or “gender studies.” Should we attempt to deconstruct femininity, it’s “misogyny.”

Are you getting sick of this yet?  My hunch is quite a few people are.  Search for this story on youtube and note how many clips have the comments disabled.

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