the economic and therefore political consequence of hypergamy

July 27, 2015 § 3 Comments

You can get a girl who looks like that for 150 bucks  –  a waste of money, if you ask me.

The reason it works is because men are that starved for things which are basic to psychological and emotional well being for everyone.  The whole culture and economic system is built on predation and the exploitation of male mother need.  It’s dystopian.

The reason certain guys want to blow tons of money on women like this is because they’re socialized to believe that they have to compete with other men for wealth in order to avoid falling off the social map and being ignored by women.  They internalize that value system and derive their sense of identity from it.  So total and complete is their submission that they don’t even have an identity apart from it.  It’s a status thing for them to be able to blow money on some “model” who would have ignored him when he was a miserable, sexless dork in a finance or engineering program in his early 20s, but then again what other bargaining chip do men have other than the status and “confidence” that women demand?  His worth as a human being, and certainly his sexual value to the opposite sex, can only be measured by his ability to produce income and achieve status.

Women, social success, the picket fence dream, peace, happiness, and the satisfaction of those basic needs are placed on one side of an institutional maze that men must navigate in order to successfully actualize and acclimate themselves to the given culture and system and this is how our entire lives are structured.  Most of us know nothing outside of that structure.  It is a defacto, unconscious alliance between our lovely independent women who act as the carrot and the ruling class or owners of capital who provide the stick.  There are only two pillars of authority which will decide if a man is a success or failure in this society and they are women and employers.  And every good beta workhorse knows that the way to make his wife happy or get a wife in the first place is to make his employer happy.  And for all that he’ll be relegated to the garage or basement mancave in the house he slaved away to buy and can enjoy playing make believe in his blue pill fantasy world until he gets served the divorce papers because his wife grew bored with his dutiful good man hero routine.

It’s why the beta workhorses who manage that hedge fund bought up all the housing stock in your city and turned it into a ghetto full of slums.  It’s why your pension got raided while real wages have declined or stagnated for a generation.  If you pop the hood, you’ll find that the ruthless competition to amass wealth is rooted in men’s anxieties about sexual and social failure or success.  Isn’t that the real context in which we make decisions about careers and adopt our identities?  How else does somebody like Lloyd Blankfein get laid?

Women are not a class, they are half of the ruling class.  Those nefarious ruling class men that feminists blame for everything make decisions about their lives and careers only within the social context that those ruling class women have provided.  Why did you think  he worked all those hours and decided to become CEO in the first place?  Because testosterone?  When do we hold women accountable for their contribution not only to the given arrangement, but historically?  We live in a vampire oligarchy that exports imperialism, third world dictatorship and state terrorism in order to generate cheap raw materials and labor, the mother of all consumer societies where advertisers believe women do the majority of spending, and we’re not going to consider this question?  Really?

After 2008, the same financial institutions which destroyed your economy and future didn’t want to spend the avalanche of bailout money rebuilding the economy they destroyed, so they speculated, which drove up the price of commodities globally and served as the catalyst for the uprising in Tunisia, which in turn became the Arab Spring, which in turn became the Syrian civil war.  Observe the hypergamy butterfly effect.  From women’s incoherent little girl stupidity to war.

Refugees, atrocities, international instability, poverty  –  and all of it, if you peer behind the curtain, originates with some douchebags trying to become alphas by being the most advanced beta providers.  Nobody explained to them that they didn’t even need good jobs to get the attention of girls with daddy issues, all they had to do was treat women like shit to generate tingles.

Instead they treat the rest of us like shit and buy entitled princesses Vuitton handbags.

He fucks everybody else over and buys your government because it’s the only real means he has of being noticed by women or satisfying their expectations of him.  It’s actually hilarious.  It’s the “civilized” version of some hopeless guy in a shitty neighborhood joining a gang and committing crimes.  Both are just ant trails we follow to find female approval and sexual attention.  You’ll join the corporate gang, the street gang, the military gang, or some other gang because it’s that or invisibility.

Women want social proof, after all.  Losers in their mother’s basements and socially awkward creeps need not apply.

As I always argue, masculinity never belonged to men to define or redefine. It was only ever a reflection of women’s sexual choices.

It’s becoming clear why female sexuality was controlled by various traditional marriage schemes.  How could it not be if women’s sexual choices outside of a hunter gatherer context have such potentially disastrous and destabilizing political and economic consequences?

Men on the other side of the economic, social, and racial divide have always known this.  Hypergamy goes wild when the economy tanks and the blue pill fantasy narrative of gender reveals itself as the con it always was for those who are paying attention.  Observe:

But in the end, who cares?  This society is a sick joke.  It’s not even worth contributing to.  It’s in decline anyway.  There’s nothing or nobody to save, nothing to fight for or build.  Let it burn.  Good riddance.


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