another shrew bites the dust

July 25, 2015 § Leave a comment

“Woahh hold up, you’re saying the species die out if men do NOT harras woman… Do you even understand the stupidity of what u just said?? Guess what, you can flirt EQUALLY, fall in love marry eachother and happily ever after bladibla. MINDBLOWN”

You have the reading comprehension of a 6th grader. Are you being wilfully obtuse or are you actually this stupid? Do I actually have to babystep you through the reasoning here?

See, the question, which you didn’t answer and which was not rhetorical, was why is it the guy’s job to do everything. The fact that it is his job means that in a given population of men, a certain percentage will be good at it, another won’t be as good at it, some will be average, some will be below average, some will even be worse, and some will be hopeless.

See, it’s like a gradient. Can you picture a gradient in your head? Go ahead and try.

Put the guys who are good at it at one end and the guys who are hopeless at it at the other. See how there are all those guys in between?

Now, given the set of conditions and obligations that women have imposed on men, we will either have a greater number who are good at this or a greater number who skew towards the bad end of the gradient. Does that make sense? Take your time.

So what we’re talking about here is the men who are bad at playing the game whose rules you wrote. What you seem to be saying is that there are a lot of these guys and your solution to this seems to be to stamp your feet, whine and moan and tell them to “play the game better,” but what I’m asking is why are we playing this particular game and not another, and why are the rules such that they are, and who the fuck gave you the right to write them and why the fuck should I care if you have to suffer the consequences of the guys on the bad end of that gradient of possibilities if they are the direct product of your game?

Can you follow all that? I’m trying to make it simple for you since you don’t strike me as the sharpest tack in the box.

I suspect you probably don’t understand a damn word of what I’ve just said, so I’m going to give you an example. Let’s say you have some wealthy plantation owners and they own a bunch of slaves who compete to be the best slave. Slaves who can’t compete, starve.

So, make a gradient again. Good, well fed, winner slaves at one end, and bad, starving, loser slaves at the other.

The plantation owners write the rules of the competition which the slaves must engage in if they want to eat and avoid starvation. If the plantation owners write rules that are such that there is a large number of slaves who go starving or are near starvation, it’s probably a bad set of rules, yeah? It’s probably pretty fucking dumb for the plantation owners to whine and complain when those starving slaves burn their plantation house down with them inside because really, they could have adopted a different set of rules which would have produced less starving slaves. Or, they could have just freed the motherfucking slaves yeah? Why is there a plantation at all? Who the fuck made them the plantation owners? Is this too abstract for you?

The reason you get cat calls and guys with fucked up attitudes towards women is because of the given social landscape, or rules, that women have created. It’s really not rocket science. Women leave it up to men to do the approaching then complain and put endless contradictory and incoherent conditions on how they do that approaching, which is a role that men never asked for in the first place.

Women will friendzone you or turn you into their emotional tampon, doormat or girlfriend if you don’t affect douchebag confidence and break social rules. If you don’t do the approaching, you are socially and sexually invisible. That is why men do that. What don’t you get? Everything they are doing is a response to the set of rules that you have imposed. So the problem begins and ends with you.

I can’t make the argument any more simple for you. You really are like a trust fund kid who is complaining that poor people scare you. The question to ask is why there are so many poor people, not why won’t the poor people stop resenting you or trying to rob you. They do that because they are poor and desperate, you entitled, clueless, solipsistic, narcissistic fucking idiot.

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