you go, gurl

July 19, 2015 § Leave a comment

Who cares? The author acts like it’s this awesome accomplishment to chase little pieces of paper with pictures of mystical symbols and slaveholders on them. The U.S. is an imperialist vampire state that exports 3rd world terror and dictatorship in order to generate cheap labor and raw materials. That is what the Strong Independent Woman ™ is “contributing” to. Yeah, you go girl. You should be proud, you unimaginative, soulless, money grubbing, insecure automaton. Opening that overpriced yuppie coffee shop was so much more valuable than raising a family.

And I love how the author assumes it’s male privilege to have your identity and value as a human being tied to how much money you make. 90% of workplace injuries and deaths are attributable to men in occupations which destroy their health. I’m sure they’re all there because they’re privileged. As if they aren’t hanging on by the bottom rung and doing everything they can to play the stupid provider role women demand even though they can make their own damn money. What a privilege it is for men. What oppression women must face in being able to choose to work or not.

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