women are children

July 19, 2015 § Leave a comment

Think about your relationship to authority figures when you were a teenager. You basically lie to parents and teachers as necessary and do your own thing. You know that you’re supposed to appear a certain way to them, so you pay lip service to their expectations so as not to create unnecessary trouble for yourself. The way they want you to be is just an ideal which you never really bought into anyway.

It’s like white noise in your young life, some bullshit that goes on in the background while you’re paying attention to something more interesting. It’s really just a set of obligations like the kind a young person might encounter at work or school. Its origin is in an authoritative value system that the younger person has not yet adopted, recognized, or even considered with any seriousness. He knows how to appear as if he is behaving properly, but he’s simply imitating and affecting appearance without any real understanding of what it is he’s expected to imitate or why.

What I suspect is that women are doing this when they relate to men. Their whole existence is a lie, basically. But it’s the kind of lie children or teenagers tell adults. We forget that for generations men were a kind of authority figure in women’s lives. Women still treat us this way without realizing it. They lie to us or guilt-trip to get what they want, and failing this, they retaliate and throw tantrums, etc. How different is it from how a child behaves?

When you’re a kid, society is something that belongs to adults and you live within the frame they impose. But what about women? It would be something similar to this if they are always “the other sex.” This is why they’re always complaining about the society they participate in without ever recognizing their own contribution to it. It’s always some faceless power structure, or somebody else’s frame, which they believe was imposed on them. They don’t see that it is their frame that they impose on virtually everybody else. They never recognize that male belief and behavior is only the consequence of having been socialized within the social landscape that women themselves have created.

We’ve basically taken people who relate to the world the way children do and put them in charge. They don’t even recognize it when they are in charge and therefore everything is somebody else’s fault. They work vanity jobs so they can play grown up and see only the benefits of adulthood, but never the responsibilities and obligations. They can opt out any time and yet we’re the ones who are accused of being “privileged.” It’s like a black comedy.

It’s why they’re always looking for daddy. It’s why she shit tests you. They want and need you to create structure in their lives, as if they’re children and you’re the parent. We always conflated women and children, so why should this be any surprise? Feminists tell us that the patriarchy was responsible for this, but they neglect to explain that it was not only men who thought of women as children, but women who think of themselves as children. If they have no other model for thinking about it, this is all they would know. They wouldn’t even know they were doing it.

So much about our discourse is explained if we drop the pretense that women adults who are equally capable of shouldering the responsibility of moral agency in a civil society.

A wise commenter in some corner of the internet or another once said that “asking women what they want is like asking a child how to be a parent.” It’s easy to dismiss this as a quip as “misogyny” and Archie Bunker tradcon bullshit without seeing the wisdom in it. And this is precisely how I interpreted it when I encountered it back in my blue pill days. But take it seriously for a moment and consider the similarities. If you were to ask a child how to be a parent, what would the child tell you? He’d say that good parents let their children stay up all night, do as they please, eat what they want, skip school, and so on. If the child guilt tripped us into taking him seriously and we complied with his demands, both the child and the parent are miserable. Go ahead and ask women what they want and you’ll get the usual run-around, the same empty but socially acceptable platitudes about respect, equality, “being nice,” and so on. But of course, as countless men will tell you, none of these things will please women, but quite the opposite. They’re a surefire recipe for losing her respect and attraction, for being regarded as an emotional tampon, a doormat, or a girlfriend or being rendered socially and sexually invisible.

In a nutshell, what men are confused by is women’s desire and need for male authority, the very same that 40 years of feminist bullshit has shamed men out of adopting.

It’s as Schopenhauer suggested, women are somewhere in between adults and children and the reason we get confused by this is because for a generation now we’ve bought whole heartedly into the egalitarian feminist fantasy of equality. Women were always the roadblock to any possibility of equality, not men. Post sexual revolution, men attempted to treat women as equals, not because they were equals, but for the same reason men provided for them and protected them in generations past. It was just the new form of chivalry which replaced the old gynocentric set of male obligations that had been handed down by tradition for new ones that had been outfitted by feminists and spoiled rich women living in the most affluent societies in human history. For a generation we basically put lipstick on a pig and called it “equality.” Oh well, so much for that.

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