shut the fuck up about commitment

July 19, 2015 § 1 Comment

Women expect commitment, you’re the big bad man for “using her for sex,” etc., but it never occurs to women that they’re not offering anything else. The overwhelming majority of these women would jump ship the moment their husband or boyfriend lost a job, experienced weakness or doubt, or generally revealed himself to be a human being. Women will lose interest or they will sabotage the relationship simply because you revealed to them that you need them in some way. Women don’t even allow men to be human beings because they’re forever looking for daddy. She’ll cheat on you, henpeck you, and leave and she will convince herself that it’s your fault.

The moment you become an actual person, rather than an idealization, it displaces what she found sexually attractive about you. They don’t relate to people, but to idealizations. And that is precisely why the stereotype of the woman trying to change the guy she is with is so familiar to us. Think about what that means. It means she’s not even interested in the guy she’s with, but instead is having a relationship with an idealization that exists nowhere but in her head.

The guy is a prop and the relationship will only be a success to the degree that he reads her mind and anticipates the unimaginative fantasy male she’s dreamed up and which is rooted nowhere but in her arrested 13 year old girl daddy issues riven psychology. Women don’t care about who you really are. They don’t even see the real person who is there. They’re not even interested or curious. That’s what it means that 70% of divorces are initiated by women. Men are disposable.

And why shouldn’t they be? Male attention is cheap. Men are easily replaced, and women will very quickly replace them. Women exist in a sea of social and sexual opportunities that come to them without ever even having to make an effort. They just select which ones they want because they’re abundant. And what is abundant, rather than scarce, is of lesser value.

Men by contrast are the opposite. They typically want nothing more than a girl to need them. That gives them some worth or purpose. They’ll model their entire lives and all their choices about careers and their identity in anticipation of what the magical soul mate will want and expect of them. That’s why men will take a bullet for their wife, get their face blown off in a war to ostenisbly protect women and children. It’s why 90% of workplace injuries and deaths are attributable to men. They’re doing what it is they believe women and society expect of them. It’s why a guy will put himself in harm’s way to protect a woman he doesn’t even know and many will do this without even thinking about it.

Men are attracted to the girl that already exists, not who they want her to be or who they hope she’ll become one day. Women and their attention of are far greater value to men because that attention is not abundant for most of them, but scarce. It’s an uphill battle for men. They cant sit there and leisurely screen applicants the way women do.

At some point – if they are lucky – they figure out that most women aren’t worth that level of sacrifice and don’t even appreciate it anyway. Women just expect it and take it for granted. It’s of little value to them. So guys will pump and dump girls because most girls aren’t even offering anything else than facile companionship and sex, at best. You’re going to take a bullet for some overgrown, narcissistic, entitled child? What is she really offering you? Nothing.

And you’re an evil person for recognizing this or for having the gall to assert your own interests for once. Men who ask “what’s in it for me?” don’t kill themselves at jobs or rush machine gun nests, so the whole of society will offer her endless ready-made excuses for her solipsism and selfishness because she’s the princess, while you’re scorned and demonized for ever having your own needs or thinking that your life had some other purpose than serving women’s unimaginative and incoherent demands.

The reality is that women are horrible. None of this is the fault of men, it’s all the fault of women because this whole area of life is really of their making. It’s their world, men just do their best to live in it.

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