man up

June 15, 2015 § Leave a comment

Look how disgusted these interviewers get at the prospect of a man thinking about and caring about his own interests.  Women have the pill, various forms of IUD, the morning after pill, abortion, and adoption as options.  They can even legally abandon their baby anonymously in the U.S. There is no reason why a woman should have a child she didn’t want to have, but that most certainly is not the case for men.

Men, by contrast, have only vasectomy and the condon. They can easily be coerced into having a child they can’t afford, and this for the crime of having sex. Women are allowed to be young and make mistakes, but men at all times are expected to be adults. It’s her body, her choice, but apparently it isn’t his body at work for 18 years supporting a child he didn’t choose to have. It isn’t his body in prison for being unable to pay child support.

Obviously the only reasonable solution to this problem is to allow men to opt out if a woman decides to have a child that he doesn’t want and can’t afford.  But instead we’ll revert to shaming men into “manning up” while erecting an elaborate system of debtor’s prisons and institutionalized theft in order to force a knuckle dragging conception of chivalry.  And we’ll do it while blathering on and on about “equality.”  What a fucking joke.

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