family values

June 15, 2015 § Leave a comment

A lot of people “choose” not to have children because jobs are precarious, don’t pay enough, cost of living keeps rising, and everybody is paying down student loan debt they can’t discharge in bankruptcy. Having families isn’t just difficult or expensive, increasingly it’s not even remotely possible. Statistically there has never been a time in recorded memory when this many adults lived with their parents until such advanced ages. How exactly are these people supposed to start or raise families?

Many people “choose” to give up on the picket fence dream because you simply have to cut your losses at a certain point. You can’t spend your life banging your head against a wall in order to prepare for a future which is never going to arrive. Ask any of these people about children and they’ll tell you “I don’t want kids,” but look at the context in which they made that decision and it becomes questionable to what degree it was actually a choice at all.

This is a failed culture, society, and economic system. There is no future. A system that makes it this difficult for this many people to achieve something as normal and basic to happiness and well being as a family isn’t worth contributing to. The sooner it burns to the ground the better. If you don’t have a family, what stake do you have in this society’s success? None.

As for those of you with families, I can’t have one of my own, so excuse me if I don’t care about the quality of the schools or the long term health of my community. I don’t. To be perfectly frank, I couldn’t care less about your kids or the kind of society they will inherit. I don’t care if they can watch horse porn on their laptops and can buy crack on any street corner. I don’t care if somebody opens an adult bookstore, strip club, or a head shop across the street from their elementary school. Hell, I’d vote for any politician who wanted to change the zoning laws so that such establishments could *only* be opened in front of elementary schools. Why should I care?

I don’t know, if you care so much about “family values,” then maybe it’s time to start asking why it is that so many people can’t realistically start families. What did you think the result of ignoring the rising cost of college, the stagnation of wages, and increasing offshoring and automation would be? These idiots admonished us for a generation to avoid having kids if we couldn’t afford them, so incensed were they that irresponsible people having kids would cost them their precious tax dollars. Ok, well, people aren’t having those kids they can’t afford. What now?

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