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Neomasculinity is Roosh trying to sell books and lecture tickets.  Who cares? As Rollo Tomasi suggested, it’s Roosh’s attempt to become the red pill L. Ron Hubbard. And what is this dopey homophobic evolution denialism bullshit he’s trying to peddle? He’s basically an opportunist, a real life troll.

If you want to be a tradcon disposable workhorse for an entitled, solipsistic child, feel free, sucker, but a lot of men are tired of being shamed into destroying their health at backbreaking jobs or shamed into war in order to “man up” and play beta provider.

And they’re tired of affecting some sociopathic “alpha” cartoon character in order to appeal to women’s pathetic daddy issues and win the worthless prize of pussy. That’s all Neomasculinity amounts to, just another admonition to adhere to the “alpha fucks” side of the gynocentric conception of masculinity and prove you are a superior pussy beggar.

Sperm is cheap and eggs are not.  We know that men are disposable, that our species is descended from twice as many females as males.  Male reproductive success over the long history of our species has proven to be only half as likely as that of women, meaning it is women who choose who gets to breed.  Selection pressure flows in one direction, from female reproductive choice and social power to male reproductive lack of choice and social weakness, never the reverse.  All women have intrinsic sexual and therefore social value but only some men do.  Women’s place in society is assured, men’s is entirely conditional.

Women screen, men attempt to avoid being screened out.  And the sociobiologically rooted criteria that women employ when screening men for acceptable genes and behavior allow  men two identities, each being one side of the female version of the madonna/whore complex, each one side of a dual reproductive strategy which is designed to benefit women at the expense of men.  You are either the alpha, good genes short term mating opportunity who she cheats with or the beta provider long term cuckholded chump.  There is no third possibility.  This is the female imposed male yin and yang, gynocentric glass that is half full or half empty.

Why should masculinity depend on women’s approval?  As Lil Wayne once said, “glass half empty or half full, I’ll spill ya.”

There has to be some space for men to actually live their lives without subordinating everything to winning women’s almighty tingles. Pickup artistry sends men in the opposite direction as MGTOW, towards reprogramming their personalities rather than self discovery, towards arranging their entire lives around what women want rather than deciding what they want, towards more fully capitulating to women’s incoherent and moronic desires rather than asserting their own and achieving personal sovereignty.

Pickup purports to show men how to be better compensated slaves, MGTOW points them towards freedom.

With all that said, I’m not opposed to pickup. It’s one (sort of) logical response to the grim reality of red pill truth. I’m not opposed to guys who go that route, I just don’t choose it for myself.

Rollo Tomasi is a much better spokesman for the pro game end of the manosphere. Tomasi has explained that he agrees with MGTOW in principle, but that he simply doesn’t believe it’s biologically possible for men to live without women in that way. Regardless if you agree with him or not, that’s a much more rational and reasonable red pill aware take on MGTOW than simply reverting to feminist shaming and projection of their moronic insecurities.

Inter male competition for pussy is how men have always been divided and conquered by gynocentrism. It’s how we ended up in this mess in the first place. Roosh, like a lot pickup promoters, doesn’t seem to appreciate that fact.

In the end, what do we think a hypothetical victory would look like?  A culture full of men who finally figured out how to reinvent a model of masculinity that women approve of, one that appeals to their all important, knuckle dragging hunter gatherer sexuality?  Or one in which men finally asserted their own right to define masculinity themselves for themselves?  If you choose the latter, as I do, then I guess MGTOW is the way forward, if there is one, yeah?

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