everybody is wrong

June 13, 2015 § Leave a comment

Here’s the part of the debate that never gets discussed: Men time and time again are proven to make decisions about work and careers that subordinate other concerns to making money. They do this for the same reason that it can be shown that married men out earn both women and unmarried men.

It is, quite simply, because women create social pressures for men to be breadwinners. Men who are not breadwinners risk social and sexual invisibility.  Women perceive them of lesser value. There is nothing mysterious about this.  Men anticipate women’s expectations and demands of them so they go into STEM or other fields which are perceived to pay more. It’s also why they work longer hours.  It’s because women deny men choices in life that women enjoy themselves.

Men don’t get to consider “work life balance” because women do not allow them to consider it.  Men don’t work jobs to prove they are equals, they’re not playing grownup. They have to work because women and society tie their value as human beings to their ability to earn income.  Isn’t this obvious?

How exactly does the female-imposed, male obligation to make as much if not more than women become a privilege?  How is it that obligations of any kind can be considered privilege?  Lack of choice is privilege?  What?

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